Delaware County and Muncie are working to develop a bicycle-pedestrian Master Plan to help guide the development and construction of infrastructure like trails, sidewalks, and multi-use paths as a network throughout our community. We need your input to help guide where these facilities are best located.

Visit www.bikewalkplan.com to fill out the survey, add your routes (or routes you would like to see developed) to the wikimap.



tinyBikeMuncie is the outreach and education program of the Muncie Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee.  Our mission is to promote increased use of cycling as a means of transportation and recreation, and also to help people be more safe when riding.  We also want to spread the word on how cycling is a way to achieve a more healthy lifestyle and have less impact on the environment.


Our committee is made up of local government leaders, Cardinal Greenway staff, Metropolitan Planning Department staff, Ball State University faculty members, Chamber of Commerce members, local Visitor’s Bureau staff, IU-BMH employees, public safety representatives, bike-related business owners and other cycling enthusiasts.

tinyBikeMuncie is working to be a local resource to help get people of all ages out on bikes through educational programs, maps and other print materials. Visit our resources page for some of the programs and information that is currently available.

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